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Nobody first thinks of prison as a land of opportunity. For most of the men and women who are sentenced to time in Oregon prisons each year, prison is, at best, a course correction. For some its a forced detour around a road that was falling apart. For others, a prison cell is a timeout from the life they look forward to jumping right back into.

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Welcome to the OCE/UO Joint Venture page! For the past several years, OCE and UO College of Design have teamed up in a unique partnership to create innovative products and enhance the lives of the people involved through positive experiences. While these products are only prototypes and not for sale, the story is definitely worth telling! FOR THE 2021 OCE/UO JOINT VENTURE, the product of choice was parcel mailboxes.

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This collaborative effort between the U of O and Prison Blues brought design students together with adults in custody (AICs) in Oregon prisons. Students were able to see the working conditions within the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution (EOCI) and speak directly with AICs about their tasks, the machines they use, and how coveted the garment factory work assignments are within the institution.

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The OCE Graphic Design Team, a talented group of AICs crucial in the development of our marketing materials, recently had the opportunity to give back. They volunteered to design the 2019 Freedom Schools Annual Report for the Childrens Defense Fund. This collaboration allowed the AICs to utilize their skillsets and build their portfolios while making a positive impact.

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Processing their hospital linen since 2009, Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) and Salem Health have developed a true partnership. In 2016, the hospital reached out to OCE to help fill a need. Salem Healths purchasing unit was unable to locate appropriate hospital clothing for preemie babies assigned to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

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The beginning of 2017 marked the start of a new joint venture for Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) and the University of Oregon (UO). Although OCE had been designing and producing quality furnishings for Oregons schools systems and other Oregon state agencies for years, OCE wanted to take a look at updating the designs of some of its current residence hall furnishings.

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