OCE Advisory Council

OCE is proud to introduce and thank its distinguished Advisory Council, which includes professionals from business, labor, and government communities. These advisors serve voluntarily, without compensation, and continually help to evolve and improve OCE's processes and practices through guidance on a variety of business, labor, and financial issues. Learn more about OCE on our Transparency & Accountability Page, which includes links to the Oregon Revised Statutes behind the establishment of OCE and the OCE Advisory Council.
Advisory Council Chairman Richard Withnell
Chairman Richard Withnell
Advisory Council Member Paul J. De Muniz
Paul J. De Muniz
Advisory Council Member Kevin Mannix
Kevin Mannix
Advisory Council Member Raquel Moore-Green
Raquel Moore-Green
Advisory Council Member Ernesto Toskovic
Ernesto Toskovic
Advisory Council Member Angelica Ceja-Ochoa
Angelica Ceja-Ochoa