Prison Blues Brand Clothing Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Each April, organizations around the country recognize Second Chance Month. From government agencies and non-profit organizations to national and local media outlets, Second Chance Month is an opportunity to raise awareness and truly help people transition successfully from incarceration to the community. OCE, the parent company of Prison Blues Brand Clothing, strongly supports successful reentry and seeks to provide work skills training in all of our programs to give each participant a chance to build a better life and never return to prison.

During Second Chance Month, The Wall Street Journal has highlighted Prison Blues, telling the story from a world perspective in modern times. From social media and social awareness to personal perspective from staff and adults in custody (AICs), read this fair and balanced look into the Prison Blues Brand jean manufacturing program.

The Prison Blues Story

In 1989, The State of Oregon was challenged to create work skills programs for adults in custody at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution (EOCI). After extensive research, it was determined that a garment factory would provide ample work and training opportunities in a real-world manufacturing environment. A 47,000 square foot factory was constructed, and the OCE Prison Blues® factory began operation.

Adults in custody (AICs) seeking work in the Prison Blues® facility navigate a detailed selection process. Upon assignment, they are trained by managers with private industry experience. The technical and soft skills learned through this work and training program help AICs prepare for successful reentry into our communities.

When you purchase Prison Blues® from any of our vendors located around the globe, not only do you get a quality, durable product, you help us change lives, one opportunity at a time.
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In Their Own Words

Watch this video to see what Prison Blues is about from the perspective of an AIC who participates in the Garment Factory program at EOCI.

Where Can I Buy Prison Blues Brand Clothing?

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