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OCE offers and array of fabrics, laminates, powder coating, hardware and stain options. Click on any of the icons below to view our standard options.
Douglass ColorguardDouglass Colorguard
Douglass SherpaShireDouglass SherpaShire
Fabrics Mayer Grade 1Fabrics Mayer Grade 1
Fabrics Mayer Grade 2Fabrics Mayer Grade 2

Fabrics Mayer Grade 3Fabrics Mayer Grade 3
Fabrics Mayer Grade 4Fabrics Mayer Grade 4
OCE Laminate ChoicesOCE Laminate Choices
OCE Options Custom Powder CoatingOCE Options Custom Powder Coating

OCE Options HardwareOCE Options Hardware
OCE Stain OptionsOCE Stain Options