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Did you know that laundry chemical barrels weigh over 600 hundred pounds? Workers have to transport these drums on a dolly, make sharp turns and have another worker catch them when they reach the top of the ramp to keep the barrel from tipping. The chemicals are rated "Extreme Danger" in the SDS.

SRCI Laundry recently purchased a new toy: safety equipment! The WESCO Hydraulic Jack is an ergonomic drum handler, designed specifically for lifting and transporting 30-85 gallon drums. It ensures the safe and easy transporting and storing of our chemical barrels. The new tool removes numerous safety concerns and is a thousand times less stressful on workers backs, knees, shoulders.

The hydraulic jack is easy to use. It allows a single person to easily and safely do the same job of two, and eliminates all of the risk associated with the way the task was previously accomplished. The jack eliminates an accident waiting to happen.

Safety is a mindset, not an afterthought!