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My name is Cornelius. I am an AIC at the Oregon State Penitentiary. It has been my pleasure to work for OCE for the past 10 years or so.

I began my journey with OCE back in 2010. My first job at OSP was in the Furniture Factory. I learned skills such as: sanding (finish sanding), sealing, and finish lacquer. I had never done any of these thing before. OCE paired me with individuals who took the time to train me and now I have skills that make me extremely employable in the market place.

My second job was OCE Laundry. I began in small fold. I learned how to fold baby clothes (which would probably make the wife smile), learned to properly wrap clean linen to send to hospitals, and work with a team to achieve goals. I moved up to dryers and learned to operate those huge multi million dollar machines. We had to learn the cycles for everything, and once again, teamwork was an absolute necessity. I now work with incoming laundry on the 450's (huge washers). The lessons learned here are still centered around team work.

As I approach my release date, the knowledge that NCI will make certain that employment (with the opportunity for advancement) awaits me, makes me very grateful and certain of my successful transition.

Thanks OCE.

OSP Laundry Team