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The Design team at OSCI has partnered with the Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ) in developing cover artwork for their reports. Over the last four years, four of the designers have been awarded a total of 9 covers featuring designs highlighting policy work related to long prison sentences; COVID and criminal justice; national crime trends; veterans in the justice system; racial disparities in imprisonment; and more. Two of the designers have been awarded multiple times. The artwork is also used on CCJ's website and in its social media posts.

CCJ provides an opportunity for our designers to create meaningful expressions of the concept behind the story. They create the design and actively participate through the delivery workflow by following a style guide, utilizing look books, creating concept art, capturing edits and requests in their revisions, generating drafts, polishing proofs, and packaging deliverables. Creating the cover art for CCJ has been a highlight for those involved in the program. Two members of the team share their thoughts on CCJ projects:

"Interpreting design from a client's request takes creativity and structure. Trying to follow what the client asked for, while giving them your vision of it, leaves a piece of the artist in the work. The effort put into a creation can become a fixation for the artist, but a designer should always remember that it is not about 'Me and My work'. It is in the collaborative effort to meet the client's request and delivering usable material that a Graphic Designer lives." – Jesse

"I have to present my creativity and skills to a nationally revered organization. Then, on top of that, having it potentially viewed by national audience! As an incarcerated individual, I would not have dreamed of such an opportunity like this, not in a million years. Sincere thanks to OCE and CCJ. It's been the greatest experience and I feel very much honored to have my work selected for CCJ publications. Not just me but anybody involved would truly appreciate this experience, and the value tremendously benefits our future endeavors inside and outside of this correctional institution." - Yoshio

Todd, James, Yoshi, and Jesse, congratulations on your successes and all those still to come. Many thanks to CCJ for the incredible support shown to the OCE Graphic Design program participants. The opportunities to work through the entire design process provide experiences setting them up for future success in their careers