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**Updated January 27, 2021**

The Association of Linen Management (ALM) provided an Update on Virus Mutations and Laundry Guidance on January 22, 2021.

The CDC has not made any changes in PPE or social distancing for these new strains. CDC mapping of new variant cases is available to follow on the CDC website COVID-19 section.

At this time there is no evidence that shows the current EPA-approved disinfectants or processes will not kill the other strains. The CDC is working with the EPA to evaluate the current disinfects on the N-List to ensure they kill all strains. The CDC recommends that everyone periodically review the posted EPA list to make sure the chemicals/disinfectants being used are still approved. For more information view the ALM COVID-19 Resource Page

**Updated May 8, 2020**

As we navigate this worldwide pandemic, Oregon Corrections Enterprises wants to assure you we are planning for success regarding continuity of operations. We are constantly striving to improve our plans and are using all resources available to us to do so. We already have a robust backup plan, but now that it is available, we have collaborated with the State of Oregon Emergency Management team to make sure we have tertiary and emergency backup plans as well. We have always maintained solid partnerships where we have the ability to help other laundry facilities meet their customer needs, and they have the ability to help us. If COVID-19 affects our ability to use our primary workforce, and if the backup plan is also affected by COVID-19, we have a tertiary plan and are working on a fourth plan. We want you to know we understand the importance of the laundry services to our community and we are taking extraordinary measures to ensure our continuity of operations.


We take the health and safety of the adults in custody (AICs) and our staff seriously. OCE's commitment to public safety includes controlling the spread of viruses and infections within the AIC population, staff, and the greater community. OCE is currently serving 33 customers in the health care industry, including public and privately operated hospitals across the state.

At this time the CDC is not recommending any changes to the current processing standards for the commercial laundry industry. According to the CDC, there is a higher risk of exposure with close direct person-to-person contact than with indirect contact of potentially contaminated objects (such as laundry). OCE continues to utilize standard/universal precautions in the handling and processing of all contaminated materials for staff and adult in custody workers. To decrease risk to AICs and staff, we have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of our laundry facilities. By OCE's invitation, the facilities at OSP were inspected this month by an Infectious Disease Control team from a large Oregon Hospital customer. During the post-inspection debrief no major concerns were identified, only minor adjustments.

The Association of Linen Management recently released a statement on COVID-19 and resources for healthcare laundries and their customers. This release reiterates the processing of linen according to standard/universal precautions.

Please see the OCE Laundry Issue Brief; and supplemental Laundry – Infectious Disease Control Issue Brief for more information about OCE's laundry operations and practices. As we have done since 1989, OCE continues to focus its efforts on providing quality economic laundry service to the health care industry.

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