“The programs and job opportunities made available through OCE have encouraged me and pushed me to be better not only at what I am doing, but to be better as a person. For that I will always see OCE as the blessing it is."

-Liberty, AIC Production Sewing Worker

OCE is number 3 on the Department of Administrative Services Buy Decision with ORPIN contract number 4721.

Priority Choice

The DAS Buy Decision priority table provides a sequence of priority that an agency must follow in determining an appropriate source for a procurement need.

Oregon Corrections Enterprises is listed as a priority vendor by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) on the Buy Decision Procurement Matrix. 

"Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) provides full-time work or on-the-job training to inmates. OCE provides products and services such as furniture, office setting, signs, park equipment, printing services, call centers, and laundry services. An agency must consider products or services from OCE before going out to the open market. Refer to the full section on Inmate Labor for more information."



A reception area should feel warm, welcoming and inviting. And sometimes, it needs to be comforting. OCE is here to help. Our Beavercreek, Rosemont, Silvercreek, and Santiam lines offer your guests the perfect space to relax.

Click Get Quote Now to see how we can enhance the look and feel of your seating area.

Early booking and volume discounts are available. Shipping and installation charges are based on order volume and delivery locale.

OCE offers multiple office chairs with customized upholstery.


OCE has office seating with multiple points of ergonomic comfort adjustment. Click HERE to visit our OFFICE SEATING page.


Yes, OCE has mattresses! With options for thickness, material, color, firmness, and style, OCE has the mattress that is right for your setting.
For all of our mattress and pillow options, contact an Inside Sales Representative to learn more:

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Inside Sales Representative: Josh Turner jturner@oce.oregon.gov
Inside Sales Representative: Zach Parker zparker@oce.oregon.gov
Sales Manager: Darla Schachtsick dschachtsick@oce.oregon.gov
Sales Manager: Brad Atkins batkins@oce.oregon.gov
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