Transportation Equipment

“My job as a mechanic at the OCE machine shop has not only kept me busy, but it has opened my eyes to new work opportunities and ideas upon my release. My job has not only provided enough income for me to live inside, but also to send about half my paycheck home to my family."

-Mark, AIC Automotive Shop Worker

Industrial Quality

Designed in partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation, OCE has a proven line of quality industrial road sanders and dump beds built to meet your needs. We know every city and county has unique characteristics. If our standard product line does not meet your needs, our Sales team will work with you to design products around your particular challenge.

In 2015, we added to our service catalog at one of our Salem locations: we now install our standard dump beds on our customers’ chassis. Do you have a metal or metal/wood combination trailer you need refurbished? We can do that, too!

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To place an order or ask questions, email or call us at the following:

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Inside Sales Representative: Josh Turner
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