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Each day OCE craftsmen diligently manufacture fine cabinetry for use by Oregon's contractors and public agencies. OCE's experienced cabinetmakers use only the finest materials, and combine traditional woodworking skills with advanced technology. The result is high-quality cabinetry with an impressive range of styles, finishes, colors, and woods. At OCE, we realize construction projects have different design needs. We build cabinetry according to your specifications to get exactly what you want. Your design options are virtually limitless as you choose the style, wood, and hardware to fit your project needs.

OCE Installs!

OCE is now offering full supply and installation of custom and standard cabinetry. Schedule a pre-installation walk-through where we will identify any disruptions that will impact efficiencies.

Project specs include: product details, cleanup, and removal of all debris off site. Upon completion each room will be inspected for any door, floor, and/or wall damage.

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Your OCE cabinetry is meticulously finished with the same care we give to each of our furniture products. Each of our multi-step finishes is designed to highlight the beauty of the wood and protect it for a lifetime of durability.

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Cabinetry Gallery
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Casework Construction Materials for Architectural Cabinets/Casework

Shop fabricated institutional casework including base, full height, and wall mounted cabinets, countertops, wardrobes and other simi-lar units

System Description

  • Casework modules of reveal overlay design with continuous countertops in wood, laminate, and stainless (stainless up to 10' lengths).
  • Exposed cabinet exterior finished with high-pressure plastic laminate or wood veneer.
  • Exposed cabinet interior overlaid with thermally fused melamine.
  • Edges of case bodies, doors, drawers, and shelves finished with color coordinated PVC protective edge.
  • Hardware of institutional type and quality.

Quality Standards

Except as modified by customer request, material and workmanship grade meet or exceeds the Quality Standards of Architectural Woodwork Institute, current edition, published by Architectural Woodwork Institute.

Delivery, Storage, and Handling

Advantages of using OCE:

  • Ability to store finished products in the event that your construction schedule is delayed (within limits).
  • Storage in climate controlled atmosphere.
  • Delivery and placement of finished casework in rooms.
  • Removal of packaging material off site.
  • Professional installation by OCE crews.

Warranty Information

OCE provides limited warranties on all its products. Warranty specifics are found at



All products are to be supplied by Oregon Correctional Enterprises under direct contract with Contractor/Owner.


  • Concealed: Poplar or Alder, vertical grain.
  • Exposed: Casework contractors choice of veneers and hardwoods.


  • Hinges: Salice. 200 Series. 120 degrees.
  • Magnetic Catches: EPCO 1000LS.
  • Adjustable Shelf Hardware: 5mm Steel (Brass).
  • Door and Drawer Pulls: Customer Select OCE Stock.
  • Drawer Slides: 100 lb. Full Extension Onward Ball Bearing Drawer Guide.
  • Casework Locks: Timberline. (Specify keyed separately or alike)
  • Door/Drawer Bumpers: Hemisphere .335" Dia. X .085" Height, Clear.
  • Integral toe kick.

Plywood Custom Grade

  • Case: ¾" thermally fused melamine sides, bottoms, shelving, doors and stretchers. Product Standard (moisture resistant) exterior type where exposed to moisture and use for and around sinks.
  • Plain Particle Board: Conforms to ANSI 208.1 Grade M2, 47 pcf minimum density.

Plastic Laminate (HPDL)

  • Typically Customer Specified.
  • Manufacturing Standard: Conforms to NEMA Standard LD-3.
  • Exposed Surfaces: Post-Forming Grade: 0.042" material thickness.
  • Color and Pattern: As specified by Contractor/Owner.
  • Locations noted on interior elevations.



  • Conform to AWI 400B Standards for laminate and/or veneer clad cabinets, premium grade.
  • Construction: Overlay reveal, unless indicated otherwise.
  • Surfaces: Veneer or laminated plastic.
  • All shelves adjustable unless otherwise shown.
  • Verify dimensions of sinks and other items to be built into cases and counters.
  • Use screws and bolts in addition to adhesive where required for strength and rigidity.
  • Install finish hardware specified herein at factory.

Materials, Unless Specifically Noted Otherwise

  • Bases: Exterior grade ¾" thermally fused melamine plywood or particle board with .050 plastic laminate, backed with .0320 balancing sheet.
  • Exposed materials: Wood veneer and/or HPDL clad plywood or particle board.
  • Concealed materials: Softwood.
  • Casework bottoms, Ends, and Vertical Standards: ¾" thick plywood and/or particle board.
  • Back and Side Splash: ¾" particle board with .050 plastic laminate.
  • Fixed Shelving: ¾" thermally fused melamine plywood and/or particle board.
  • Adjustable Shelving: ¾" thermally fused melamine plywood and/or particle board.
  • Adjustable Shelf Hardware: Provide shelf pin holes at 32mm centers to within 6" of top and bottom of space where adjustable shelves are shown.

Casework Backs

  • Concealed Base Cabinets: ¼" prefinished hardboard.
  • Concealed Wall Cabinets: ¼" prefinished hardboard.
  • Exposed Backs: ¾" thermally fused melamine plywood.


  • Front: ¾" thermally fused melamine plywood and/or particle board.
  • Sub Fronts: ½" Thick Prefinished plywood.
  • Sides: ½" Thick Prefinished plywood.
  • Backs: ½" Thick Prefinished plywood.
  • Bottoms: ½" Thick Prefinished plywood.

Detail and Style Information

Shaker Inset Panel

  • Door Thickness ¾"
  • Panel Thickness ¼"
  • Stile Width 2-¼"
  • Rail Width 2-¼"
  • Minimum Door Width 6"
  • Minimum Door Height 6"
  • Mid-Rail Required Over 48" High
Shaker Inset Door PanelShaker Inset Door Panel
Shaker Drawer Front Options
Shaker Inset Drawer PanelShaker Inset Drawer Panel
Shaker Solid Drawer PanelShaker Solid Drawer Panel
Specifications Shown Specifications Shown
  • OP-01 Outside Edge Profile
  • PP-01 Panel Profile
  • IP-01 Inside Edge Profile

Crescent Raised panel

  • Door Thickness ¾"
  • Panel Thickness ⅝"
  • Stile Width 2-¼"
  • Rail Width 2-¼"
  • Minimum Door Width 8"
  • Minimum Door Height 8"
  • Mid-Rail Required Over 48" High
CrescentCrescent Raised Door Panel
Crescent Drawer Front Options
Crescent Raised Drawer PanelCrescent Raised Drawer Panel
Crescent Solid Drawer PanelCrescent Solid Drawer Panel
Specifications Specifications Shown
  • OP-01 Outside Edge Profile
  • PP-01 Panel Profile
  • IP-02 Inside Edge Profile

Laminated Slab Door

  • Door Thickness ¾"
  • Panel Thickness N/A
  • Stile Width N/A
  • Rail Width N/A
  • Minimum Door Width 6"
  • Minimum Door Height 6"
  • Mid-Rail Required Over 48" High
Laminated Slab Door PanelLaminated Slab Door Panel
Laminated Slab Drawer PanelLaminated Slab Drawer Panel
Specifications Specifications Shown
  • Option 1: 3MM PVC Banding
  • Option 2: 1MM PVC Banding

Veneered Slab Door

  • Door Thickness ¾"
  • Panel Thickness N/A
  • Stile Width N/A
  • Rail Width N/A
  • Minimum Door Width 6"
  • Minimum Door Height 6"
  • Mid-Rail Required Over 48" High
Veneered Slab Door PanelVeneered Slab Door Panel
Veneered Slab Drawer PanelVeneered Slab Drawer Panel
Specifications Specifications Shown
  • Option 1: ⅛" Veneered Banding
  • Option 2: Veneer Tape Banding

Standard Laminate and Size Options

Laminate Standard Colors

Navy Legacy 4651-60Navy Legacy 4651-60
Rustic Slate 4888-38Rustic Slate 4888-38
Antique Brush 4823-60Antique Brush 4823-60
Sable Soapstone 4883-38Sable Soapstone 4883-38
Evening Tigris 4674-60Evening Tigris 4674-60
Pearl Soapstone 4886-38Pearl Soapstone 4886-38
Oiled Soapstone 4882-38Oiled Soapstone 4882-38
Boardwalk Oak 7983-38Boardwalk Oak 7983-38
Sterling Ash 7995-38Sterling Ash 7995-38
Pewter Brush 4779-60Pewter Brush 4779-60
Black-Matte 1595-60Black-Matte 1595-60
Designer White D354-60Designer White D354-60
Fusion Maple 7909-60Fusion Maple 7909-60

Standard Casework Sizes

  • Backsplash Height 4" or 6"
  • Butcher Block 1 ½" or 2" Thick Maple
  • Stainless Countertop 16 gauge 2B Covered Stainless (up to 10' lengths)
  • Cabinet Sizes Industry Standard Cabinet Sizing: 3" increments

Hardware Options

Available in a variety of sleek styles and finishes to match your needs.

Silver Nickel Pull Bar FFPIP1096-SNSilver Nickel Pull Bar FFPIP1096-SN
Black Pull Arch FF9500-DBKBlack Pull Arch FF9500-DBK
Satin Nickel Pull Arch FF9500-BNISatin Nickel Pull Arch FF9500-BNI
Oil-Rubbed Bronze Pull Arch FF53003-ORBOil-Rubbed Bronze Pull Arch FF53003-ORB
Brushed Satin Nickel Pull Arch FF9660-BSNBrushed Satin Nickel Pull Arch FF9660-BSN
Bronze Pull Arch FF9660-EOABronze Pull Arch FF9660-EOA
Brushed Silver Pull FFPULLCDH4Brushed Silver Pull FFPULLCDH4
Satin Nickel Flat Knob FF9558-BNISatin Nickel Flat Knob FF9558-BNI
Flat Black Knob FF53005-FBFlat Black Knob FF53005-FB
Satin Nickel Rounded Knob FF9663-BNISatin Nickel Rounded Knob FF9663-BNI
Satin Nickel Ridged Knob FF9653-BSNSatin Nickel Ridged Knob FF9653-BSN
Weathered Iron Knob FF9654-AIM-DWeathered Iron Knob FF9654-AIM-D
Oil-Rubbed Bronze Flat Knob FF53005-ORBOil-Rubbed Bronze Flat Knob FF53005-ORB
Oil-Rubbed Bronze Rounded Knob FF9430-OAOil-Rubbed Bronze Rounded Knob FF9430-OA
Satin Nickel Pull Cup* FF53010-G10Satin Nickel Pull Cup* FF53010-G10
Flat Black Pull Cup* 4823-60Flat Black Pull Cup* 4823-60
Satin Nickel Pull Cup FF9670-BNISatin Nickel Pull Cup FF9670-BNI
Bronze Pull Cup FF9670-EOABronze Pull Cup FF9670-EOA
Antique Iron Pull Cup FF9670-AIMAntique Iron Pull Cup FF9670-AIM
Wood Pull (stained to match) FFBELL-PULLWood Pull (stained to match) FFBELL-PULL*Not available for pedestals with writing boards