Partner with OCE


"I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I was given by OCE."
- John, AIC Carpenter

Why do business with Oregon Corrections Enterprises?

Oregon Corrections Enterprises is a self-sustaining organization that provides work and training for Oregon's adults in custody. Our programs include wood, metal, and sign fabrication, garment manufacturing, embroidery, laundry, contact center, document scanning, printing, and mail fulfillment. Our focus is to provide services and products at a high value with reduced cost. Measure 17 requires adults in custody to participate in meaningful work and/or education programs 40 hours a week.
Enacted by the Oregon Legislature in 1999. Measure 68 created Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) as a semi-independent state agency, under the direction of the Department of Corrections Director and working in concert with the department. In addition to providing work opportunities, OCE staff work with adults in custody to instill confidence, work ethic, and provide them with the tools and skills they need to succeed after release. Today, over 1,400 adults in custody participate in OCE work programs located in nine of the fourteen Oregon correctional institutions; 55% of these individuals will be released within six years. It is our mission to provide these men and women with the skills and attitudes necessary to enhance their opportunities to secure employment upon release. Our revenue, generated through the sale of products and services produced by adults in custody, provides our agency's operating budget.

Through their work in OCE programs, adults in custody receive on-the-job training and an opportunity to develop their confidence and a viable work ethic. This experience changes their outlook on life, helping to better equip them to make a successful transition into our communities. In addition, work assignments help adults in custody pay their debts, including victim restitution and child support, and provide support to their families.

Who is approved to work with Oregon Corrections Enterprises?

There are two options available for organizations interested in establishing a partnership with OCE:

  • The government entity model (for government, non-profit and tribal entities).
  • The private partnership model.
Both options can be beneficial if you are planning to expand your business or program but do not have the floor space or labor force to do so. Some examples include work in the following industries: textiles, high tech, recycling, wood or metal fabrication, agricultural, etc. These partnerships may fall under the Federal Prison Industries Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP), often referred to as a PIECP program. (Most service industries are exempt.) We would be happy to assess whether your organization or project would qualify as a PIECP program. Generally, if the product produced is going to leave the State of Oregon, the work is classified as interstate commerce and therefore subject to PIECP regulations. We are experienced in PIECP programs and can help navigate the process.

Reach out to our New Business Development Team, or CONTACT US with your request.