COVID-19 Products

OCE is working to produce a range of products to help during the COVID-19 crisis. Please note, OCE only sells its UTILITY MASKS to public entities, which include state, local, and tribal agencies, along with non-profit organizations.


  • Fill out and submit the contact form, listing which products you are interested in: UTILITY MASKS, SAFETY POSTERS, FLOOR MARKERS
  • Use this link for the CONTACT US FORM
  • Receive an order form(s) at the email address provided by you. NOTE: You must submit a separate order form for each product type.
  • Submit your completed and signed form to the email address indicated on the bottom of the order form.
OCE Utility Masks

OCE Utility Masks

Help reduce the spread of germs

Learn more about OCE's Utility Masks


Safety Posters

Educate your staff and clients on how to stay safe

Learn more about OCE's Safety Posters

floor signs

Floor Markers

Showcase social distancing in your building

Learn more about OCE's Floor Markers

If you have any questions, CONTACT US