OCE is a progressive leader in developing career opportunities for adults in custody. By offering advanced training and state-of-the-art equipment, we are keeping current with industry standards and providing marketable job skills. By working with the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC), state agencies, non-profit agencies, and the public we build partnerships that sustain work opportunities. Working together, we reduce recidivism while saving money for Oregon's taxpayers.

OCE seeks to take measurable steps forward in offering the best opportunities for adults in custody and operating our businesses as effectively and responsibly as possible. To do this, we track multiple performance improvement measures, audit those measures regularly, and transparently report out on them. We are also audited independently and post those results on this page.


T - We are TRANSPARENT in the work we do, modeling integrity to the adults in custody who work and train in our programs.
R - We practice outcome-based management, focusing on RESULTS to assist the Department of Corrections in improving public safety by reducing recidivism.
A - We do this work to ADVANCE adult in custody work and soft skills, helping them to secure employment upon release.
I - We model a good work ethic. Our INTERACTIONS with adults in custody and our fellow corrections colleagues alike are a model of professionalism.
N - We continually seek out NEW SOLUTIONS and more efficient ways to conduct daily business and train adults in custody using methods with the most impact.


OCE's contributions to the State of Oregon are multi-faceted: OCE plays a key role in carrying out the mission of DOC and in fulfilling our constitutional mandate to actively engage adults in custody in work and on-the-job training. By providing meaningful work opportunities, OCE is helping those in our care and custody develop job skills and positive work ethics. This leads to safer prisons, reduced recidivism and victimization, and improved public safety in Oregon.

Learn what OCE is doing to make a difference in the lives of adults in custody, and how we provide them with the necessary skills and training to successfully transition from prison to their home communities. You will learn what OCE programs mean to participants through their own words. You will also learn about the OCE products and services that contribute to Oregon's economy.

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OCE embraces the scorecard model with TRAIN. Built around performance and outcome measures, we track our progress based on acceptable ranges. Here are the fiscal year-end and most recent quarter results, followed by the Executive Summary of the most recent quarter measures.

FY 20-21 Year End
QTR Charts and Info
Executive Summary


To ensure their effectiveness, OCE contracts with third parties to conduct independent research of our programs. The resulting assessments are posted below, and serve to help us see areas for future development.

ECONorthwest Report
Paul Bellatty Report
CJC Report


Upon receiving third party assessments of our programs, OCE responds to the outcomes and impacts detailed in the research reports. Actions, directions, and goals to improve are outlined in these documents.

ECONorthwest Response
Paul Bellatty Response
CJC Response


Each year, OCE receives an independent third party audit of the Fiscal department, reviewing the financial statements that have been approved by management, seeing that they are presented fairly, in all material respects, in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. Year after year the accounting department receives Gold Star Recognition for their efforts and accuracy.

2019 Fiscal Audit
2020 Fiscal Audit
2021 Fiscal Audit


Each year, OCE generates Annual Reports to publish information about our agency, programs, people, finances, and more. These reports are run on a fiscal year from July 1st through June 30th of the reporting year. These are previous years' reports. The current report is found above.