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ERGONOMICS ARE ESSENTIAL in an office. As stress and pain levels decrease, productivity, and focus increase. Poor posture for a day can cause some aches and pains, but over extended periods, it can truly affect health and wellness long term.

The applied science of ergonomics allows people to work and interact efficiently and safely. The products featured here have stability, comfort, neutral positioning, support, and proper elevation as focal points of their design.


Elevate your work station

Avoid the painful effects of slouching, stressed joints, pressure points, and poor blood flow by giving yourself the option to sit or stand at the same station, and all at the touch of a button. Available as part of a larger desking system, electric height-adjustable workstations have options for wire control, monitor stands, and privacy panels.

Ergonomic Electric Adjustable Desk
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I can see clearly now.

Reduce eye strain and neck pain while improving productivity and posture. Achieve the optimal set-up for your desk space and feel more comfortable while you work.


Tailored comfort for the way you work.

The days of uncomfortable one-size-has-to-fit-all seating are in the past. With adjustability at multiple points, several sizes from which to choose, and options for the look of your chair, say goodbye to discomfort and hello to ergonomic task seating.

EVALUATED AND SELECTED BY ERGONOMIC EXPERTS, the items on this brochure promote wellness and healthy work spaces. For this program, each item is available as shown, and will be quickly shipped to you! Chairs are sold with black fabric and frames. Desk and storage items are manufactured with red oak hardwood and veneer with medium oak stain, Wilsonart Rustic Slate laminate, and FF9500BNI pulls. Electric adjustable desks are sold with black frames in all sizes.
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