Letter from Lorri

I rely on my job to keep a small sense of normality in my life

"As for the claims that OCE is exploiting the labor force, I feel that is miss directed. The Department of Corrections has raised the costs on canteen items and other services as the outside costs raise with inflation. They have not however raised the points that AIC's are granted for labor. Working through OCE, our pay is matched to what DOC pays. For changes to be made to our wages, I believe that DOC needs to make the changes."


We have received many letters and continue to see more come in. The responses have been fairly well-rounded with a range of positive, negative, and neutral tones. We want to share with you a letter we received from Lorri. Lorri resides at Coffee Creek Correctional Institution and works in OCE's DMV Call Center, keeping her skills polished and growing her computer skills. Her last name has been redacted for considerations of safety and sensitivity. What she has to say in the following letter is real and in her own words.


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