Quality Agents and Training

OCE has rigorous screening and training processes in place. Agents are completely prepared when they take or make their first call for your company. OCE customers can choose agent trainers.
Excellent agent attendance rates
Pre-interviewed and screened agents, waitlist available
Highly motivated, dedicated agents
Native English-speaking agents

Dedicated On-site Technical Support

Regular network audits and the highest standards of operation keep information safe.

Experienced staff handles HR matters.

Network/PC Hardware may be provided
Cyber security is our top priority
Network audits conducted by professional 3rd party security firms
Secure network policy
Maintenance plans available
Multi-layer data protection


Reduce your overhead, infrastructure, and labor costs, making your savings significant. OCE provides office space for customer staff if they choose to manage their campaigns onsite, while OCE staff manages agents and day-to-day operations.
High Quality of Services
Superior communication between staff & agents
Clerk services available to process paperwork and provide statistics
Help client achieve performance measures

Ready to Begin

Implement your business into a proven model while reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, increasing both revenue and productivity. OCE's contact center model is already in place, allowing businesses to begin operation quickly and efficiently.
All Contact Centers located throughout Oregon
6-Month Pilot Program Available
Ability to quickly ramp up

Common Overseas Issues

With OCE, your customers will receive top quality service in a highly controlled environment. When outsourcing contact centers, problems are created that are difficult to manage:

Agents may lack the necessary cultural knowledge, fluency, and communication skills.
Your data is overseas and unprotected by FTC/FCC
Too many technical barriers

Social Responsibility

OCE provides low-cost, high-value services helping to reduce the cost of government and healthcare through contact centers, printing, laundry services, and manufacturing. Operating these programs makes it possible to help as many adults in custody as possible gain work skills and be prepared for a successful release into the Oregon job market.

Semi-independent State Agency
Support Adults in Custody through Re-Entry
Supporting the Oregon Accountability Model

"The job skills will definitely help me gain employment when I am released. I have confidence now that I can make it out in the free world and be a productive member of society."
For more information on how OCE can help fulfill your customer contact needs, reach us through our contact page.