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Access2online – Second Chance Employer

OCE is proud to announce nine new Certified Trusted Testers!

Access2online (A2O) is a private company who contracts with OCE to run a work and training program for adults in custody (AICs) inside Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF). According to their website, A2O does the following:

  • Accessibility remediation of PDFs and other documents, including forms.
  • Achieve a Level AA rating to WCAG 2.1 guidelines to meet Title II and III requirements of the ADA. Comply to Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act.
  • Make your existing online presence useful to all your visitors.

Participants in this OCE program are assigned to A2O who provides them with job offers upon release to do the same work at home. Access2online has contacts with competitors who also issue job offers. This allows the participants to immediately have living-wage employment, one of the key factors in reducing recidivism. This dedication to OCE’s mission has earned A2O a spotlight as a second-chance employer on OCE’s website.

Group image of Trusted Testers with CEO Peter Shikli


In addition to on the job training, AICs complete 20 training modules and sit for two certifications. In order for the company to complete any jobs for the federal government, the AICs must be certified by the Department of Homeland Security. Peter Shikli, CEO, worked with that department to become a certified proctor. As of May 2022, the AICs at CCCF are the only ones in the nation allowed to participate.

AICs use a dedicated, locked down computer with direct access to the Office of Accessibilities Systems and Technology website for specific training and testing. AICs are allowed access only when a staff is present to monitor activity. In addition, OCE records all use of the computer. The AICs who pass the final exam with a score of 90% or higher become certified Trusted Testers, authorized to analyze federal websites for compliance with accessibility standards for the visually impaired.

Each person has the chance to have their picture taken with their certificate and the CEO. Many send the picture and a copy of the certificate home to their families to help build their portfolios for future employment opportunities. The CCCF program currently has nine Certified Trusted Testers with more in the process of testing. Please join us in congratulating these incredibly talented people for such a momentous achievement.

Up close view of a new Trusted Tester certificate
New Trusted Tester in picture with Access2Online CEO Peter Shikli
Nine newly awarded Trusted Tester certificates