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"If it were not for the opportunities that OCE provides, it is likely that I would not have discovered within myself a confidence and creativity that has helped me become a better version of myself. They gave me the tools to improve my mindset and the desire to grow as an individual who has made my family proud of me."

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"My biggest success with OCE would be our work through COVID 19. Keeping the facility clean and running to get everything done for the hospitals that depend on us was a proud moment for me. We mattered to the public even if they didnt know it."

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"This will help me tremendously as I transition back into the community. It not only gives me a fresh start, but it sets me up for success so I dont end up back in prison. I feel this job placement program would benefit any AICs who choose to take advantage of it."

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Hear from OCE Program participant Todd Bailey as he talks about his time in OCE Programs, the skills he learned, and how it has helped him prepare for life after his release.

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"This work program has been great for me because it keeps me busy and keeps me used to a 40 hour work week. I stay in contact with the outside world. It has kept a great work ethic in me."

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In this video, Russell shares his unique journey and the transformative role of OCE programs in bridging the gap between life inside and outside prison. Discover how these initiatives offer more than just employment opportunities -they provide a powerful reminder of the real world and the possibility of a fresh start. Don't miss Russell's inspiring story of change, resilience, and hope for the future.

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Ronald Cleveland discusses his transformative experience working for Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) during his incarceration, highlighting his seven-year journey from a call center to the Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) department. He emphasizes OCE's role in providing vocational training and professional development opportunities for incarcerated individuals, preparing them to re-enter society as contributing members. Ronald appreciates the unique, business-like work environment within OCE that contrasts with traditional prison settings, focusing on skill development and rehabilitation.

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My name is Deniz and I have been working for OCE Laundry since 2009. First time I started to work in here, it was an eye opening experience. My lead man gave me my training and placed me next to an experienced worker until I learned the skills I needed to do my job.

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I began my journey with OCE back in 2010. My first job at OSP was in the Furniture Factory. I learned skills such as: sanding (finish sanding), sealing, and finish lacquer. I had never done any of these thing before.

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Scott Speed, a software developer, discusses his role in the Database Development Team (DDT) for OCE. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining his skills and professionalism while collaborating with OCE staff, likening it to working with coworkers in traditional settings. Scott believes that his experiences in this role will translate well to his future endeavors after his time in prison, offering him valuable skills for positive interactions with colleagues, managers, and clients.

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