“OCE is helping me gain more experience in my trade. At a time that I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to weld anymore and have to settle for menial jobs within an institution, OCE has provided me with a new start to re-enter the job market.”




Functional Durability

OCE products are known for durability and functionality. Constructed with high-grade steel purchased in Oregon, our standard detention furnishings have been tested in real life situations in Oregon’s prisons and jails. Built to withstand abuse, our designers work with our customers to keep our products relevant to today’s ever-evolving detention environments. We also offer multiple styles of mattress, including solid foam and inner spring coil, in standard and custom sizes. Our shredded foam pillows complete the set.


We know every facility has unique characteristics. If our standard product line does not meet your needs, our Sales team will work with you to design products around your particular challenge.


Early booking and volume discounts are available. Shipping and installation charges are based on order volume and delivery locale.


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Sales Manager: Darla Schachtsick 503-339-4793

Sales Manager: Brad Atkins 503-576-0887