“The job skills will definitely help me gain employment when I am released. However, the personal development skills will empower me to live a better quality of life on a day to day basis. I have confidence now that I can make it out in the free world and be a productive member of society…”



Knowledgeable, friendly service

In an era of increasing customer service demands and shrinking funding, success requires a partner who can be cost-effective and deliver results.


Oregon Corrections Enterprises excels in providing businesses and government agencies the manpower and infrastructure needed for success.


Our call centers are state-of-the-art, and our unique business structure assures a professional work environment. Working with our partners’ cutting edge software programs helps adults in custody (AICs) gain transferrable skills to quickly transition to similar jobs upon release.


Over 450 AICs, in six facilities across the state, work daily in both public sector and private sector call centers.  OCE provides a "real world" work environment for both staff and AICs with the goal of making and keeping satisfied customers.


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Communication made simple

workforce management

Have the expertise of on-site staff who are able to help funnel production positively and take care of on-site IT needs.  Professional staff who know how to get the most out of a workforce and improve the client’s productivity!

public safety

Calls are recorded for quality assurance and stored for available playback on demand through the dialer of your choice.  Intricate dashboards help you refine searches for instant results.

quality management

Crisp, clear call quality with established high-performing Quality of Service standards.  Sound will be received and transmitted articulately with vibrant voice quality, ensuring your message is heard.

positive atmosphere

Enhancing real-life job skills while conversing with clients and interacting in a team-based environment keep our workers motivated to help your business succeed.

personal connection dialer

The power to choose a dialer to meet your needs will help make your implementation smooth and your transition seamless.


With multiple locations available throughout the state, your workforce can increase as needed.


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