Working for OCE is extremely fulfilling. I know that what I am doing every day matters. I have grown personally and professionally in my time with the company. Being surrounded by dedicated professionals who truly believe in and care about the mission of OCE gives me uncommon motivation to improve myself and be a part of the bigger purpose.

Joe - Marketing Assistant

Join our team

Careers in Demand! Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) has a mission to promote public safety and do our part to contribute to the betterment of Oregon communities. We are a self-sustaining organization that provides work and training programs for adults in custody (AIC) in the Oregon prison system. When you work for OCE, you are an essential piece of the big picture. All of our employees have key roles in the delivery of our products and services to the community and government agencies. We also serve as models of appropriate living and behavior for the AIC assigned to work in our shops. We are committed to providing transferable work skills and training opportunities for every AIC we oversee.


As an extension of the Department of Corrections, we are able to offer excellent benefits.


Benefits Include:


• Paid Vacation and Sick Leave

• 10 Paid Holidays

• Full Medical w/Vision & Dental

• PERS Retirement Package

• Long/Short Term Disability

• Oregon Savings Growth Plan

• Life Insurance


We hope you will give consideration to the amazing career opportunities available through OCE. Come be a part of the team; make a difference in countless lives; and flourish in a fulfilling career that matters.

Oregon Corrections enterprises (OCE) - Changing lives!

OCE does not have any current openings, yet we encourage you to check here in the future. Outstanding employment opportunities with a positive impact on individual lives and the communities of Oregon will be posted here with links to the applications.


Oregon is the focus of OCE’s mission. Our people have a similar vision. As new opportunities are explored, benefits are realized through purchasing of local materials, delivering quality services, and improving public safety by providing meaningful training to adults in custody. OCE’s future is focused on providing value and efficiencies for DOC and the citizens of Oregon.


“The thing is, you can’t beat the benefits. They are top of the line. We had a family health crisis when I took this job, and the benefits allowed us to make it through to the other side with hardly a bill to pay. It would have bankrupted us, but instead, all we have is a clean bill of health and an intact family. OCE did that for us. The staff here is like one big family. We treat each other like family. You feel welcome here.”

-Tim, OCE Driver