Working for OCE is extremely fulfilling. I know that what I am doing every day matters. I have grown personally and professionally in my time with the company. Being surrounded by dedicated professionals who truly believe in and care about the mission of OCE gives me uncommon motivation to improve myself and be a part of the bigger purpose.

Joe - Marketing Assistant

Thank you to everyone who participated in the

3rd Annual OCE Auction to support the Governor's State Employee Food Drive. The auction raised $5489.00 - a new record for OCE!

Special thanks to those who promoted the auction and OCE.

Over 16,000 additional meals can now be provided to those experiencing hunger.

Join our team

Careers in Demand! Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) has a mission to promote public safety and do our part to contribute to the betterment of Oregon communities. We are a self-sustaining organization that provides work and training programs for adults in custody (AIC) in the Oregon prison system. When you work for OCE, you are an essential piece of the big picture. All of our employees have key roles in the delivery of our products and services to the community and government agencies. We also serve as models of appropriate living and behavior for the AIC assigned to work in our shops. We are committed to providing transferable work skills and training opportunities for every AIC we oversee.


As an extension of the Department of Corrections, we are able to offer excellent benefits.


Benefits Include:


• Paid Vacation and Sick Leave

• 10 Paid Holidays

• Full Medical w/Vision & Dental

• PERS Retirement Package

• Long/Short Term Disability

• Oregon Savings Growth Plan

• Life Insurance


We hope you will give consideration to the amazing career opportunities available through OCE. Come be a part of the team; make a difference in countless lives; and flourish in a fulfilling career that matters.

Computer Aided Drafting/Design (CAD) Specialist - Salem, OR

The primary purpose of this job is to develop and coordinate the creation of Computer Aided Drafting/Design (CAD) drawings used to develop products built and sold by OCE.


Use CAD equipment for the following tasks:  organizes, educates inmates on the use of software, develops, drafts, dimension details of complete complex projects utilizing information received, past experience, and a knowledge of the level of detail required for construction; coordinates the work of inmate designers to ensure consistency and uniformity of details; assigns and reviews work of Inmate CAD specialists for accuracy and completeness; reviews plans for lack of design details, calculates material quantities for bill of materials.


Supervise, assign, and coordinate the CAD workflow in order to meet production and quality control standards.  Works and consults with staff in various shops regarding priority of work and scheduling for daily production.



Salary Range: $48,840.00 - $67,524.00 Yearly

Location: Salem, OR

Job Type: Permanent

Job Number: OCE18-0006

Closes: 03/22/18


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production coordinator (warehouse & installations) - Salem, OR

This full-time position coordinates the warehouse daily operations under the direction of the Logistics General Manager.  This position is responsible for product delivery and installation, inventory control functions, receipt documentation, storage accountability, finished product and raw lumber, metal, maintenance supplies and miscellaneous supplies and equipment as required for the operations of OCE functional units.


Candidate will help set production of, prioritize, plan, coordinate, and supervise operations within a safe and secure working environment. Deliver and install furniture, equipment, buildings, and other items produced by OCE at customer locations throughout the state of Oregon.  Educates adults in custody in various aspects of product installation. This includes continuous monitoring and servicing of all work areas of the business, performing quality checks, and observing as well as supervising inmate workers to ensure maximum productivity and the highest quality of services. Responsible for screening, hiring, training, and discipline of inmates.


This position requires the skill and ability to interpret and understand oral and written instructions to relate and communicate with staff and inmates, and be knowledgeable of computers and software as they apply to the business operation. We are seeking applicants with experience, or the ability to quickly learn, all aspects of warehouse, delivery, and installation of furniture and other OCE products.



Salary Range: $44,616.00 - $61,488.00 Yearly

Location: Salem, OR

Job Type: Permanent

Job Number: OCE18-0009

Closes: 03/28/18


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